Local artist Jen Frisk grew up in Lynn Valley on Vancouver’s North Shore. She has been capturing the diversity of nature’s palette from Whistler to Nelson to the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years. The ever-present water, land and sky elements that dominate the areas, prevail in many of her richly textured works.

Jen is a self-taught artist. She layers earthy textures of plaster mediums looking for patterns of movement and light. It is those patterns and energies that pull the viewer into her intuitive world of earth, water, and sky. Finishing her pieces with epoxy resin gives her work an illuminating depth in colour and pattern.

"The process used to create these textured pieces is both challenging and fascinating for me."

I start with a custom-made wood panel. Various plaster mediums are applied, dried and layered to build a richly textured base onto which I apply acrylic inks in addition to heavy bodied acrylics to give light and movement to the piece. I finish most pieces in an epoxy resin which adds a rich depth.It is my hope that through this process the art work become an intriguing panel of light and colour which can be viewed and enjoyed differently both up close and at a distance.


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