"Being my newest pieces , these concrete sculptures make me very excited about the direction my creative side is taking me. They are made with a thin layer on concrete, stained with pigments, and mounted on a board.

The texture is created with a rubber mat that is specifically used to stamp concrete. They were very fun to make and I am in love with the finished product. I chose to mount it on to a board so it sit out from the wall more like a sculpture and casts they beautiful shadows… Love that ! " 

- Donna Stewart

  • Birds Eye

    This piece finished a lot different then it started .

    So much going on in the many layers. Textures made with cheesecloth and stencils . Then more concrete added to create more of a matte finish . Think of a bird in the sky looking down on a city . The buildings and the streets making a grid pattern. The colours both soft and strong

  • Broken Strength

    This is like the perfect combination piece of the old with the new. No real idea of a subject just that I wanted to marry the textures I was using with the sculptural direction I am taking. The two pieces were done together and then separated after. The textures were made with various tools of the trade and the colours again are done with pigments . The shadow it casts again intrigues and inspires my next piece 


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