"A little about me,

I am a Sunshine Coast Artist living and working out of my studio in Halfmoon Bay BC. Presently I am working in Encaustics and found materials such as vintage books,papers, and pretty much anything I can up cycle.In a time when we discard so much its rewarding to breath new life into what otherwise might be destroyed. I also work in acrylics and other media in my creative process. My journey is always evolving and I am grateful that I can share my work with you.

The term encaustic means “to heat or burn in” from an ancient Greek word. Encaustic is a combination of refined bee’s wax and damar resin that is painted on while molten. Each layer must be fused in to the layer beneath.

I love the way it melts into the papers and makes them transparent or changes the colours. Pigments can be added and the encaustic can also be carved into. My exploration has just begun."

- Charly Mithrush


    Size: 36” round


    Size : 4’6” & 5’ 6” for a total of 10’ 

  • JADE

    Size : 36.75” x 13.75


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